We're Mixed Reality Studio, talented geeks.
We are the secret sauce of lots of ad and creative agencies.
We create amazingly beautiful websites & applications. Based in the creative heart of Birmingham city, UK
We're a small team of digital artists with years of experience and 5 years in AR. And we would love to work with you.
So, let's get down to business. How can we help you? Come have a drink with us

Recent Work

We've been working on some pretty interesting projects recently. Make sure you check them all out. This place can be used to describe your work.

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Knauf - Kinect Hack
Hacking an Xbox Kinect for a 3D world
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Niki's Kitchen Café
Branding for a new café in Newcastle, Co. Down
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Skrapbook - Online Skrapbook
Development of an image upload platform with lots of creative types using it daily.